November 8, 2016

Trace/Memory Exhibition at the Fort Lewis College: Akemi Cohn

More pictures from the Trace/Memory exhibition (October-November, 2016) at the Fort Lewis College, Colorado).  Shown total 13 pieces.  
Left: Remembrance #B  Japanese rice paper dyed with indigo.  Painted natural dyes.  Sumi ink.  Hand stitched.  Hand cut-out.  Constructed.  13"H x 68"W x 7"D total five pieces.
Right: Memory of Marigold #1  Silk dyed with natural dyes.  Katazome (rice paste resist printing technique), applied Japanese scroll making technique.  Hand cut-out.  Constructed.  34"H x 48:W x 20"D

left: Cycle of Renewal #4  Japanese rice paper dyed with indigo and natural dyes.  Applied traditional Japanese rice paper with scroll making technique.  Hand cut-out.  Constructed.  28"H x 50"W x 7"D
right: Cycle of Renewal #1  Japanese rice paper dyed with Indigo.  Hand cut-out and constructed.  58"H x 120"W (4 panels, each panel 29"Wx58"W)

Left: Remembrance  Fel and wool.  Hand stitched.  Indigo dyed.  39"H x 56"W
Right: Relocation #!  Color rice paste resist printing (Nassen Katazome) on silk.  
Hand stitched with indigo dyed thread.  Applique.  53"H x 93"D

The center piece: Relocation #3  Hand cut-out fabric, paint, Nassen Katazome on silk organza.  Constructed.  86"H x 68"W x approx. 24"D

Trace/Memory Exhibition Akemi Cohn

The exhibition has been well received! Here are some pictures.

It was a big space with tall ceiling.  Beautifully installed by the Fort Lewis College students direcited by Andrea Martine.  I am very pleased.

October 2, 2016

Trace/Memory Akemi Nakano Cohn

I will have a solo exhibition at the Fort Lewis College at Durango Colorado.   Invited as a visiting artist, I will give a slide lecture and critic for art students during the stay at the Fort Lewis College. (10/5-8, 2016)

Fort Lewis College Art Gallery

Trace/Memory: Akemi Nakano Cohn

October 6 – November 4, 2016

Opening Reception:
Thursday, October 6
4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Gallery Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


September 20, 2016

Katazome with Indigo Dyeing

I taught a workshop of "Master Class", Katazome with Indigo Dyeing at Arrowmont (TN) in September 2016.   People come from various back grounds and they are young to matured in age.  Adult workshop is wonderful because we all share with our life experiences in class.  A student always something to tell a story about her life.  It makes the class richer!!! 
Drying indigo dyed fabrics on campus at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. (TN)

We designed, cut stencils, cooked rice paste, prepared fabric on table. (student: Selene Jarvis) 

The stencil paper can be used overall pattern.  Almost dried rice pase on fabric.  (student: Jan Quarles)

Then put rice paste through cut-out stencils.  (student: Phyllis Miller)
 Dipped in to indigo dye vat.  Remove rice paste (it is water soluble, easy to wash off).  CRIT/ We enjoyed show & tell.   (student: Kimberly Washburn)

Students accomplished designs even such a short period of time.  (student: Chara Jarvis)