November 8, 2016

Trace/Memory Exhibition at the Fort Lewis College: Akemi Cohn

More pictures from the Trace/Memory exhibition (October-November, 2016) at the Fort Lewis College, Colorado).  Shown total 13 pieces.  
Left: Remembrance #B  Japanese rice paper dyed with indigo.  Painted natural dyes.  Sumi ink.  Hand stitched.  Hand cut-out.  Constructed.  13"H x 68"W x 7"D total five pieces.
Right: Memory of Marigold #1  Silk dyed with natural dyes.  Katazome (rice paste resist printing technique), applied Japanese scroll making technique.  Hand cut-out.  Constructed.  34"H x 48:W x 20"D

left: Cycle of Renewal #4  Japanese rice paper dyed with indigo and natural dyes.  Applied traditional Japanese rice paper with scroll making technique.  Hand cut-out.  Constructed.  28"H x 50"W x 7"D
right: Cycle of Renewal #1  Japanese rice paper dyed with Indigo.  Hand cut-out and constructed.  58"H x 120"W (4 panels, each panel 29"Wx58"W)

Left: Remembrance  Fel and wool.  Hand stitched.  Indigo dyed.  39"H x 56"W
Right: Relocation #!  Color rice paste resist printing (Nassen Katazome) on silk.  
Hand stitched with indigo dyed thread.  Applique.  53"H x 93"D

The center piece: Relocation #3  Hand cut-out fabric, paint, Nassen Katazome on silk organza.  Constructed.  86"H x 68"W x approx. 24"D