May 25, 2010

katazome workshop at Pippa's studio, VT

I am happy to announce the Katazome workshop at Pippa's studio in Post Mills, Vernont.
She built her own private studio with dormitory. Truly beautiful in natural environment! I think it is perfect for the Katazome workshop. Here is information.
Katazome with Natural Dyes
August 7th - 11th, 2010 More details, please check at

The first two images are taken during Katazome workshop at Indiana University, Bloomington,IN (invited as a visiting artist 2009). Those are students work. The 3rd image is printed with rice paste, and painted with natural pigments by Akemi. The 4th image is a cutting stencil by hand with special paper, rice paste is spread through stencil paper, after dry the rice paste, then paint on fabric.
Hope you can join this wonderful workshop of Katazome!

Tea Ceremony: Big Event

I attended The Chado Urasenke Tankokai Chicago Association 50th Anniversary events. (I am a member.) We invited "GYOTEI" master from Kyoto, Japan for a seminar for two days. We had a party at Hyatte Regency in down town Chicago after the seminar.
The Chado (tea ceremony, or way of tea) has a long history in Japan, way back to the 14 th century. Green tea was brought in the 9th century from China as monk's medicine, then later "way of tea" was established.
I am interested in learning the way of tea because many Japanese arts and crafts are related with the Chado (way of tea), such as gardens, tea houses, ceramics, wooden wares, flower arrangements, cooking, metals, and textiles. I might say that Japanese art can not mention without considering a way of tea. It is deeply connected.
I was impressed by Ishikawa Gyotei sensei (master) how to enjoy a moment sharing with other people during a tea ceremony. He tried to be relaxed and emphasized people should enjoy the moment rather than following rules too much. He often said that "be flexible" and "open eyes widely". It is not easy, though.

April 24, 2010

new classes will start soon!

New classes will start next week. Check it out! The picture the above: felted on silk fabric

Lacy "NUNO" Felt

Start May 1 (SAT)-5 week class Lillstreet Art Center

Natural Dye with Shibori

Start May 6 ( TH )-5 week class Evanston Art Center

April 11, 2010

Shibori of Sunrise (HINODE)

Shibori is one of resist techniques by stitching, tieing, binding, wrapping. Then submerge the fabric into dye pot. It creates various lovely patterns. You will find various kinds of fabrics from Japan, India, Africa, Peru, and Indonesia.
Here are some students' work in the Shibori class at The Art Center(Highland Park, IL). The 3 images of navy blue (done by Pam, Wendy, Linda from left) are done by "HIDNODE(sunrise) shibori which required stitching and tieing.One image (by Jackie) is tieing the fabric for resit. Another image (by Ann) is untieing the fabric. It is an exciting moment to see the result!

March 1, 2010


You can manipulate Shibori in many ways. Wendy (Shibori class student at The Art Center) first painted on silk. Then "resist" some areas and put it into dye bath. It changes the image and it makes more complex.

We do some research for old textiles (Peruvian) and they are so inspiring. They show many symbolism and often the meanings are beyond our thoughts at present. Various images are impressive about their rich imagination. It is a good opportunity to re-think designs.

February 18, 2010

Memory: Space #1

Since I was invited by "SESSION" exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, I made a new piece, MEMORY: SPACE #1. Selected each Japanese artist picks one foreign artist and they communicate each other through their theme. The process of communication is important and interesting. The pieces will be shown side by side in the exhibition. Emiko Nakano asked me to do it together who is a well known Fiber artist. She graduated two years ahead of me at Cranbrook Academy of Art in MI. We have been seeing in Japan and the U.S. since. She weaves rice paper with special threads and often makes her art pieces off the wall. The SESSION Textile Art Miniature Exhibition opens February 25, 2010 at KCC Gallery. (03-5856-5146 tel.,

February 4, 2010

Classes are running. I am teaching Shibori classes at Lillstreet Art Center and The Art Center, Highland Park. Since I emphasize applying to paint with shibori, students are exploring new technique. It might be difficult to make a design at beginning, but it is interesting part to make decision time to time at each stage. The images are Nancy's work (Lillstreet Art Center) and Wendy (The Art Center). These are not finished yet; they are on a process and stitch them, dye into dye pot.