May 25, 2010

katazome workshop at Pippa's studio, VT

I am happy to announce the Katazome workshop at Pippa's studio in Post Mills, Vernont.
She built her own private studio with dormitory. Truly beautiful in natural environment! I think it is perfect for the Katazome workshop. Here is information.
Katazome with Natural Dyes
August 7th - 11th, 2010 More details, please check at

The first two images are taken during Katazome workshop at Indiana University, Bloomington,IN (invited as a visiting artist 2009). Those are students work. The 3rd image is printed with rice paste, and painted with natural pigments by Akemi. The 4th image is a cutting stencil by hand with special paper, rice paste is spread through stencil paper, after dry the rice paste, then paint on fabric.
Hope you can join this wonderful workshop of Katazome!

Tea Ceremony: Big Event

I attended The Chado Urasenke Tankokai Chicago Association 50th Anniversary events. (I am a member.) We invited "GYOTEI" master from Kyoto, Japan for a seminar for two days. We had a party at Hyatte Regency in down town Chicago after the seminar.
The Chado (tea ceremony, or way of tea) has a long history in Japan, way back to the 14 th century. Green tea was brought in the 9th century from China as monk's medicine, then later "way of tea" was established.
I am interested in learning the way of tea because many Japanese arts and crafts are related with the Chado (way of tea), such as gardens, tea houses, ceramics, wooden wares, flower arrangements, cooking, metals, and textiles. I might say that Japanese art can not mention without considering a way of tea. It is deeply connected.
I was impressed by Ishikawa Gyotei sensei (master) how to enjoy a moment sharing with other people during a tea ceremony. He tried to be relaxed and emphasized people should enjoy the moment rather than following rules too much. He often said that "be flexible" and "open eyes widely". It is not easy, though.