July 1, 2015

KATAZOME with Natural Dyes at Shakerag Workship

I just returned from the teaching for the Shakerag Workshop. http://www.shakerag.org/workshops/2015/cohn/   It was a wonderful place; we could apply HARITE with Shinshi (traditional Japanese bamboo stretcher) outside.  The weather was warm and sunny.   The condition was perfect for katazome!  
Katazome(rice paste resist) with Madder(natural dye) on silk.
Classroom at Shakerag Workshop.
Student is brushing natural dye(LAC)  on fabric.  We used Harite with Shinshi outside.
We also used mineal pigmements with rice paste resist.
Drying fabric under trees.  Katazome(cut-out stencil paper, ricepaste resist) with natural dye.

We sew pieces together on Harite then painted natural dye.  It is on going process by Cara.
Short crit: Kate is describing her pieces.(far above). All students worked hard and accomplished complicated processes of Katazome for five days.