April 17, 2015

NEW FLORAL exhibition/Lillstreet Art Center Main Gallery (Chicago, IL) January 16-March1, 2015
Eight artists from Lillstreet Textile Dept. participated through our critique group.  We develpe the concept from traditional floral motif, then each artist interpreted her own way.  It was curated by Camille Canales, Nora Renick-Rinehart, and Keeley Marie Stitt.
Memory of Marigold #1  Silk Japanese rice paper, Katazome, dyeing, natural dyes and mineral pigments hand-cut, hand-built.  34"Hx48"Wx20"D  2014
I cut many dots for the Memory of Marigold #1.  These indicate seeds.  Seeds give life, creating a cycle of life for plants.  The entire use of dots indicates a cycle of life to create a memory.
Floweres are ephemeral and they live only a short time.  Dyes are extracted from live flowers, plants, and roots, such as Marigold, Apple tree, Osage, and Madder.  Silk fabric is then dyed with the extract.  The extracted color will stay on the fabric.  Even though the flowers are gone, the color will stay on the fabric as a dual existence.