August 22, 2019

Further Evidence: The Art of Natural Dyes exhibition
May 28-July 14, 2019
Penland Gallery in North Carolina
Curated by Catharine Ellis (guest curator, artist, and educator)
 total 16 artists were selected by Catharine Ellis and Kathryn Gremley (gallery director of Penland).
 Recent piece, SUNRISE, SUNSET #2. Fabrics: Katazome (rice paste resist printing technique) with natural dyes on silk                                  organza. Paper Panel: Dyed silk with natural dyes: madder, lac, weld, apple, cochineal, marigold,  indigo. Applied traditional Japanese rice paper with scroll making technique. Hand cut out. Constructed.    86”H x 68”W x approx. 24”D
                                                    View from different angle.