September 12, 2013

Impressive performance at Ragdale, IL

There was an impressive event by Ragdale Foundation, IL.
I reported it for the Real Estate company's web site in Japan.
vol. 224 ラグディール(その1)広大な空間を、創作活動の場に
vol. 225 ラグディール(その2)建築家、ハワード ショウが築いた理想郷
vol. 226 ラグディール(その3)115年ぶりの大改修
vol. 228 ラグディール(その4)若きディレクターの新しい試み

The performance, called SYNESTHESIA, was a part of Spotlight series of Ragdale Ring project.  First, it was an international compatition to built an art work where set up on the yard of Ragdale.  Well-known archtect Stephen Lea was chosen to make a shell on the Ragdale property.  The event was taken place around the shell.  Barbara Cooper was one of curators and conducted dance, light, sculptures and dance.  It was very inspiratinal event.
Stephen is buildting his art work for the "Ring Projedt".

The paper sculpture was made by Barbara Cooper and it was folded, stretched, then various flodings.  The dancers are carrying the paper sculptures.

Since the event started from 7pm,it getting dark.
The projection of light on these sculptures was just lovely!

The left is by Stephen.  The right was placed and light was "dancing" on them.