May 19, 2012

Belgium and Holland trip

First few pictures are Gent and Brugge in Belgium.
The middle pictures are at Zijdelings in Tilburg. The last few pictures are in Amsterdam.  I enjoyed learning a history of the East India company(17th.century through 19th century) at the Tropen Museum.  It connects with my favorite "sarasa" (chintz?) cotton textiles (madder & indigo dyed) to Japan.  It was indeed a global trading much more than now.   

Thank you my friends!  I had a wonderful trip to Belgium, Tilburg, and Amsterdam.  Thank you Karina (Zijdelings) for inviting me to teach a workshop.  I abserved a lot different histories and cultures.  Still these European countries had relationship with Japan, and it was interesting to view from different angle.  So many lovely people and they treated me so warm and kind.  "Dank U" and "Tot ziens".