August 26, 2009

KATAZOME: attaching net

Akemi I guess I forgot how you make stencils stronger by painting it with acrylic paint and adding the net what do you do first do you paint stencil and then add net to wet paint???That is my question because it seemed when I painted on net and stencil there was some paint which remained on net Thanks elizabeth

Answer from Akemi: Place special silk gauze "sha" (or net) on already cut out your stencil paper.  The net is the same size or slightly over as your stencil paper.  Face up.  Dilute the acrylic paint with water to flow smoothly.  Coat acrylic paint with a flat brush on the net and stencil paper.  Brush from the center to the edges.   After 5 min. - 20 min., flip over up side down, and remove bridges with knife. So, the timing is important. Not too wet, not to dry. If the paint is completely dry, it is hard to remove the bridges from the net.  If too wet, move the net, stick on your fingers,,,it makes mess.
If paint is thin coat, brush again with acrylic paint after cutting bridges.
NOTE: the above is for synthetic stencil paper use.  If you use a traditional stencil paper, "SHIBUGAMI", the procedure is different.